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橫斑林鴞長44-46厘米,翼展101-115厘米。它們的面部淡色,眼睛周圍有深色的環。喙呈黃色,眼睛褐色。它們是美國東部唯一擁有褐色的眼睛的貓頭鷹,其他的都是黃色眼睛。 頭部很圓,沒有耳羽。上身呈灰褐色,下身為淺色且有斑紋。胸部有白色橫斑。腳上長有羽毛。
Barred Owl (Strix Varia) Portrait (Georgia, Usa). Stock Photo 139065653 : Shutterstock
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Close Up Of A Barred Owl Perching On An Oak Tree Branch Stock Photo 96958856 : Shutterstock

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Download picture barred owl – stock pictures and picture in the best photography agency reasonable prices millions of high quality and royalty-free stock photos and images. Spotted owlet, Athene brama, rare bird from Asia. India beautiful owl in the nature forest
Barred owl (Strix varia) ingesting a northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus) northern Alberta, Canada Stock Photograph | u11674886 | Fotosearch

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Barred Owl (Strix Varia) Perched On Birch Branch. The Talons Are Clearly Visible Below The Pantaloon Leg Feathers. Stock Photo 42052639 : Shutterstock

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29/1/2021 · In recent months, it’s seemed like there were eye-catching birds owl over New York, including a barred owl, great horned owls and the famous saw-whet owl …
Barred Owl Perched And Camouflaged Against The Tree And Environment. There Is A Dusting Of Snow On His Head. Stock Photo 23577436 : Shutterstock

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Barred Owl Strix Varia Sitting On 庫存照片 384015061 - Shutterstock
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Owl pellets In fact, it is during the winter that you may get to see another interesting aspect of the barred owl – something shared by all owls actually. En fait, c’est en hiver que vous aurez peut-être la chance d’observer une autre particularité intéressante de la chouette rayée – qu’elle partage d’ailleurs avec tous les autres strigidés.
Barred Owl Perched On Tree Branch Stock Photo (Edit Now) 195465317
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The barred owl is a large typical owl native to North America. Best known as the hoot owl for its distinctive call, it goes by many other names, including eight hooter, rain, wood and striped owl. Stock Photo ID: 165598397
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Barred Owl, Savannah, Georgia Stock Photo 55740868 : Shutterstock