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light refreshments
英語-中文 正在建設中 light refreshments — 點心 也可見: light 形 — 輕 形 · 薄 形 · 輕薄 形 · For karaoke establishments in restaurants or premises serving light refreshment, the Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene will act as [] the licensing
Chinese Lettuce in Fish Soup
light refreshment
light refreshment “light refreshment” Chinese translation (“light refreshment” in Chinese, “light refreshment” 中文翻譯, “light refreshment”發音):
Light refreshment
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(D27), Shop House - For Sale #88503401
Refreshment 釋義
There is also a café for light refreshment. Times, Sunday Times (2015) The duke is not the first celebrity to stop for refreshment in humble surroundings. The Sun (2014) They were probably in need of refreshment. Judd, Alan Ford Madox Ford (1990) Maybe (2013
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